5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your HVAC Unit

If you are a homeowner, an air duct cleaning service Aurora is probably the last thing you’ll think about especially regarding the care of HVAC units. Without fully functional and clean air ducts, you won’t be able to breathe clean and fresh air in every room of your house. Thus, one of the most crucial components of your house’s ventilation system is the air ducts in your home.

Like any electronic system in a house, your air ducts also need proper care, maintenance, and repair from time to time. However, due to their usually veiled abode, they are prone to be forgotten. But there is a particular time when your air ducts will demand to be replaced. The question is, how do you know when to replace it? Here we’ll talk about some usual signs that tell us now is the time to replace your air duct system. 

Air Duct Cleaning Service Aurora For Noisy Unit

The HVAC system is built in a way that it will generate some sounds if you overlook air duct cleaning service Littleton. However, these noises should never be unusual, annoying, or flashy. You should keep in mind that the air ducts working in your house are linked through fiberglass or pliable junctions. You are more likely to hear whistling or pacey noises in case these junctions get damaged.

Inspect your air ducts as soon as you hear some kind of lively and consistent noises whenever you turn on your HVAC system to cool or heat your house. Another sign that something is wrong with your HVAC unit is when it unusually vibrates. Also, when your unit is damaged while circulating the conditioned air in your house, you’ll hear flashy noises. Never overlook such sounds, as they will get worse over time.

Poor Airflow

Your ductwork plays an acute role in the efficient heating and cooling of your house. Furthermore, immaculate airflow is an integral part of an efficiently working HVAC unit. You’ll probably have to pay extra bills if you ignore air duct cleaning service Aurora when your HVAC unit is dirty and clogged up. Thus, know that it’s perhaps time to replace your air ducts when you feel that the airflow in your house is inefficient and insufficient.

High Utility Bills

You are probably losing conditioned air through some potential leaks in your air ducts when you spot a spike in your electricity bills. Save energy by sealing your ductwork if you feel that the leaks are minor and can be fixed easily. An HVAC expert for air duct cleaning service Littleton can use a blower door test to discover any glitches. In any other case, prevent your energy bills from going up by replacing your old ductwork with a new one.

Aged Ductwork

Most ductworks can last up to a decade and a half before you start experiencing issues with them. If your ducts have reached their lifespan, it’s crucial to replace them before significant problems start ascending. By doing so, you’ll make sure that every single part of your house is properly cool and comfortable, and you will also avoid draughts or airless places.

Uneven Heating Or Cooling

Sometimes you will notice that some rooms in your home are more or less cool and warm than other rooms. Malfunctioned air ducts are the major cause of this issue when there’s not enough air in particular places in your house.

The team at Action Air Duct has years of experience in the field and has fixed and replaced all kinds of HVAC units. Thus, we have ample knowledge about HVAC systems to fix the most complex problems. So call us today!