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7‌ ‌Facts‌ ‌Behind‌ ‌The‌ ‌ Sweetness‌ ‌Of‌ ‌Honey‌

At the time of the Covid-19 virus phenomenon as it is today, many scientists recommend us to consume honey regularly. Honey can indeed fight poison, and its properties are much better than poison for your body’s health.

Maybe you already often know that honey is right for your health, but how about the details? What are the effects of drinking or consuming honey?

You’re not wrong if you stop by this blog!

We want to tell you about the benefits of the sweet one, honey. Actually, there are hundreds of other benefits of honey. However, here are seven compelling facts behind the sweetness of this honey you need to know. 

What the heck?

1. Make Your Skin Look Fresher And Brighter

It contains vitamin K, and vitamin C. Honey is perfect for the skin, especially facial skin. Honey can reduce the adverse effects of sunburned skin. Honey can also delay the degenerative process of the skin so that it can slow down aging.

Using honey as a mask can treat scars on the face, remove pimples slowly, shrink pores, moisturize, supple, thus making your skin look smoother, fresher, brighter, and radiant. Women may try honey as a mask, who knows, their face will be sleeker!

2. Improve Memory

This point is essential, especially for you who are not old but already easy senile. Try eating honey regularly. Honey has a variety of enzymes such as amylase, catalase, phospholipase, and several other enzymes that function to improve the performance of the human brain, including memory.

Surveys prove that consuming 20 grams of honey per day can help improve memory. In this way, honey is useful for anyone, everyone, from children to grandparents.

3. Maintain Stamina And Provide Additional Energy

Everybody seems to know this fact already, right?

Usually, people often drink honey in the morning for this purpose. In honey, there are minerals and salts such as iron, sulfur, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, chlorine, copper, chrome, nickel, lead, silica, manganese, aluminum, aurum, lithium, tin, zinc, and titanium.

Wow! Much and your body needs all of these contents. So, don’t wait for honey consumption. It should be routine, and in moderation, that is not excessive because honey can maintain stamina and provide additional energy to make your day more spirited.

4. Overcoming Insomnia

In addition to drinking honey in the morning before the move, it is also advisable to consume honey just before bedtime. It has a variety of complex vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, D, K, E, Uric Acid, and nicotinic acid.

One tablespoon of honey before going to sleep can help you overcome insomnia. Did you know that the effects of honey turned out to be this sophisticated?

5. Reducing Allergy Symptoms

Honey has an anti-inflammatory effect and is known to calm coughs. Facts from experts say that honey contains traces of flower pollen and allergen exposure, which work to combat allergic reactions and asthma. Honey is quite sufficient to deal with sneezing caused by an allergy to an object.

6. Lose Weight

Honey contains glucose with a lower glycemic index than cane sugar or granulated sugar. So, to keep your calorie-controlled and blood sugar levels not rising dramatically, try to consume honey regularly.

Honey also helps you reduce hunger stimulation, so it’s also good for those on a diet so that weight can go down. See, for those of you who want to lose weight without a weird diet, use honey!

7. Prevents Tumors and Cancer

The unique fact of honey is that it has endurance forever. But, that applies to real honey –without a mixture of sugar or water and other substances.

Another fact that is no less cool is that honey does contribute to preventing tumors and cancer. Honey contains antimutagenic compounds that can prevent harmful substances from entering the tissues and causing cell mutations. Flavonoids and antioxidants contained in honey also help reduce the risk of tumors and cancer.

Honey is such a perfect hack to boost your immune system during this coronavirus outbreak. You already know more about the benefits of honey, so please consume it regularly.

We’re now facing the fact that it made us realize how health is an essential thing. Many hospitals and healthcare industries are busy right now, so we better keep our body healthy –one of them is by consuming honey.

Stay safe and healthy!

Andre Oentoro
Andre Oentoro
Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award winning explainer video company. He helps business increase conversion rates, close more sales and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).