Better Hydration, Sparkling Water Maker

Carbonated water is water that is infused with carbon dioxide gas. Drinking sparkling water provides the same sensation as drinking a soda without the added calories and sugars. Now you can enjoy a fresh glass whenever you desire without a sparkling water maker.

Sparkling water can have multiple names that point towards the same fizzy beverage. Soda water, club soda, fizzy water, and seltzer water are all the same beverages we loveā€”the perfect healthy beverage for the modern household.

Say No to Sugary Sodas with Our Sparkling Water Maker

The benefits of carbonated water are abundant. Sparkling water does not contain calories or sugar. If you enjoy having a bit of fizz in your drink, switching to carbonated water allows you to do so without adding calories.

Carbonated water is better than sugary sodas as it does not affect your tooth enamel. Sugary drinks are almost 100 times more damaging to your tooth enamel than carbonated water.

Improved Digestion, Home Hydration with Our Sparkling Water Maker

Sparkling water is also beneficial because it can improve digestion and your ability to swallow. By stimulating the nerves required for eating more efficiently than any other beverage.

Carbonated water could positively impact bowel movements, especially in those of us who are constipated. Research suggests that sparkling water could also help reduce the severity of other symptoms of indigestion. including stomach aches.

Help yourself lose weight with your home sparkling water maker. Carbonated water can make you feel fuller than you would with regular water. It helps curb your appetite. Research also indicates that carbonated water forces your stomach to retain food for longer.

Carbonated water is said to have empty calories that help you reduce your desire to eat and hence help you healthily lose weight. The time to switch to a healthier lifestyle is now made simple with our sparkling water maker for the modern household.

Say no to phosphorus.

The primary ingredient in sodas is phosphorus. Scientists believe that phosphorus is one of the components directly responsible for decreased bone health.

Carbonated water does not affect bone health, and it is the best way to curb your unhealthy habit of drinking harmful sugary sodas. We ensure you have complete control over your hydration needs. With temperature controls give you hot, cold, ambient, and sparkling water at the touch of a button.

Carbonated Water at Home with Our Sparkling Water Maker Helps Your Entire Family Stay Hydrated

More people prefer the taste of carbonated water to regular water, especially young ones. Help them stay hydrated by making hydration fun right at home without worrying about pollutants.

Our ultimate filtration technology makes it all about clean water. Our filtration technologies tackle the most stubborn contaminants. A serious commercial-grade filter delivers all the purity you need. created with the best-in-class raw materials for filtration.

Our filters can remove upwards of 80 contaminants, including harmful chemicals mixed into your water like chlorine and chloramine. Waterborne parasites like cysts can be very dangerous if consumed.

The tap water supply can also have medications mixed into it, like ibuprofen and estrone, and heavy metals, including lead and arsenic.

The pesticides often found in tap water can result from the exposure of the water body to various manufacturing wastes. Other contaminants like asbestos and POFA are also very common in tap water and, if not filtered out, will cause severe health conditions.

We use the best filtration technology and naturally occurring plant-based renewable carbon, a superior ingredient for infiltration.

The ultimate filters begin with coconut shell carbon that is thermally activated to create a micro-pore structure. The powder is then compressed into a uniform block for maximum retention of contaminants.

When it comes to filtration, the surface area is king. The more surface area each filter can have, the better the filtration process. Our ultimate filtration system contains 350 grams of compressed activated carbon. With a surface area of 1,050,000m2, an area equal to that of 345 soccer fields.

It gives you un-comparable filtration while also being the best hydration package, giving you complete control over your daily water needs. Our built-in touch screen display also monitors your filter status and CO2 levels. This keeps you ahead of any future upkeep.

The wide variety of wallpapers on display can match whatever mood suits you best, giving you the best aesthetic for your household. Our sparkling water maker can be directly connected to a plumbed-in connection. Or used with a sidekick reservoir.

A sidekick reservoir makes your entire system completely standalone and ready to be used in whatever environment you desire. It is the perfect addition to your kitchen. It replaces the need for four appliances with its array of features.

It can also be connected to a recreational room to brew up instant mocktails and cocktails whenever you desire for all your guests.

It can also be connected to your home gym to be your ideal workout partner, keeping you going through hard workouts and helping you be healthier every day.

The best sparkling water maker for the ideal modern household helps keep your entire family healthy and hydrated without the worry of pollutants or safety. Our parental controls and locks. Ensure that you have the peace of mind you deserve once activated. Especially with young ones with curious minds.

Help the earth get greener and more sustainable. Sixty million plastic bottles are trashed every day, and our planet is drowning in disposable plastic bottles from packaged beverages, bottled water, and more.

We toss 1 ton of plastic into the ocean every minute. It’s time we reduce plastics and choose sustainable solutions based on renewable alternatives. For a healthier planet, not just for ourselves but for our future generations as well.

The sad irony is that it takes 3 liters of water to make a bottle of water that holds only 1 liter of water. Switching to a sparkling water maker will help the environment become greener.