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What is Linux VPS Hosting?

In the event that you have a site that gets a heavy of traffic, or possibly, is trusted to generate a lot of traffic, then you should consider purchasing a Linux VPS hosting bundle. Onlive Server is one of the best Cheap Linux VPS Hosting providers all over the world at a very low price.

The benefit of Linux VPS hosting is the right choice for a business that has evolved from shared hosting. At the point when traffic to your site increased, your site will isolate more drawn-out effort to move to a shared hosting phase.

It is a stable and safe solution for businesses’ websites with more heavy traffic than shared hosting as you do not get dedicated server space in shared hosting.


Cheap Linux VPS Hosting


Benefits Of Cheap Linux VPS Hosting


1 – Cost-saving Alternative

In Linux VPS hosting you do not need to pay any license fee as other hosting providers have month-to-month license installment plans.

The best benefits of VPS hosting include High – performance and reliability, but it is more expensive than Linux.

Linux VPS hosting doesn’t expect you to pay any plethora of fees, not at all like various hosting solutions that have a consistent license installment system.

This will verify that you can set aside in Away. This is a budget-friendly Linux VPS hosting solution with cPanel, here are the benefits of Linux VPS hosting.

If you want to grow your business then you can go with Onlive Server as it will provide 24*7 customer support as per your business requirement. They are offering affordable plans at a very cheap price.


  1. -Performance

Whenever we talk of the best quality, Linux dominates another operating system. Without any problem, it will easily handle different users on the very same server. Linux VPS hosting is loads very quickly. Any operations your run the server can quickly, other server processes unaffected.

So, when it comes to high performance, Linux VPS hosting checks all the right boxes. And this is necessary for the eloquent functioning of your website. You do not need to end up with a hosting plan that, when your needs increase and there’s a higher workload, fails to deliver. This can result in a huge revenue (and opportunity) loss for your business. Onlive Server is one of the Best Cheap VPS hosting providers all over the world at a very low price.



  1. -High and Stable Security

Linux was popular, making it nearly impossible for harmful viruses, malware, and other hacker attacks to penetrate your defenses. This means that users (and their personal data) are protected from online attacks and fraud.

Linux VPS hosting provided higher and stable security, all your data is secure.


     4- Scalability

In the event that you are just starting out and have no desire to grow into a full-fledged big business. The option to increase your resources in a flash without any downtime or sluggishness is of vital importance.

Many VPS hosting plans are effectively versatile. The benefits of Linux VPS hosting are the realization that more clients will drive more traffic which will require the servers to function more productively.


5 -Full Root access

Deciding on a VPS will allow you to have complete control over your server. It gives customers full access to your VPS account and lets you order more remarkable.

How your server is configured and on any application installation. Attempts can be made to perform these activities through your control board.



To be honest, there isn’t a real distinct choice capabilities difference between Linux and Windows as the OS of choice for web servers. Many users fear Linux in the same way they fear the unknown. Yet Linux today is far more user-friendly than one could imagine while always offering the same basic benefits. In the context of VPS hosting, Linux is a far better option especially on Onlive Server, as users get much more than just the benefits of the OS. Onlive Server is one of the best Cheap Linux VPS Hosting providers all over the world at a very low price.


What is the difference between Linux and Windows hosting in security?

Why Linux hosts are so popular is because Linux is known for being more safer. From a technical point of view, this claim has never been refuted or substantiated. And its supporters and opponents also offer their reasons. But all experts agree on one thing; How the host is configured and periodic security checks are performed by the server administrator and the associated software and hardware used is far more important than in Windows or Linux. So before making hosting, make sure that the company does the above work.


How to use Linux VPS?

If you want to understand how to use a Linux VPS, it is better to think about using it. If the VPS is designed for a specific task, its performance indicators will be much higher than the alternatives. VPS hosting is mostly employed for websites that are not compatible with shared hosting but do not require dedicated server hosting. Linux VPS is a great option for those who don’t have enough budget for a dedicated server but need to enjoy the same type of flexibility. When it comes to deciding on a cheap Linux VPS, there are a number of options that are worth considering.