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What is Cheap Window VPS?

VPS is usually configured to run a Windows operating system, but they can also be used as cheap windows VPS. The Windows VPS is divided into three parts: the physical hardware (server hardware), operating system software, and applications running on top of that.

One of the benefits of Cheap windows VPS is that it allows developers to host their website or application in a virtual environment, so they can continue working around product updates without having to worry about impacting end users.

Cheap windows VPS is the closest to a dedicated server at the low cost of home windows VPS. VPS runs on windows and allows you to run the remote application, websites, or SQL databases. They also provide multiple locations for quick service in case if there’s an issue with your location as well as offer customer support via email, chat & phone 24/7 call center available round-the-clock so no problem will be left unanswered by our experts.

How does Cheap Window VPS Hosting work?

A VPS is a virtual private server. It allows you to have your own web hosting space, but with the ability to run multiple applications on it at the same time and share resources between them. They are also commonly referred to as windows VPS or Linux VPS servers because they are available for both operating systems (Windows and Linux).

A VPS is a virtual private server that runs an operating system. It has the ability to run all the applications and services on your own hardware instead of renting it from a third-party hosting company like Amazon, Microsoft, or Google. VPS gives you complete control over your domain name, emails, and web hosting space along with multiple OS choices such as Windows/Linux/macOS VPS options. VPS is a virtual private server, which means it is an isolated part of your computer. You are the only one who can access VPS and you can connect VPS to any device that has an internet connection.

You get complete control over the VPS: from installing applications, managing files and directories to set up security settings for your VPS.

Features of Cheap Window VPS Hosting

Budget-Friendly options

Your business project expands, your internet site attracts extra traffic, and may require an upgrade. Upgrading your current shared web hosting plan when your internet site has outgrown can be a poor decision. But then you do not prefer to overspend and host your internet site on a dedicated server either. Your website simply does not need one.

Dedicated Resources

In low-cost Windows VPS hosting, your sources are not drained via different websites hosted on the same physical server. Since every internet site is hosted on a virtual server operating in an isolated environment, your internet site runs besides interruption offering an excellent consumer journey for your visitors.

Better Control over Site

Since a virtual private server remains independent of other tenants, you get extra control over your website. VPS internet hosting lets you access all the available sources and files. With affordable Windows VPS hosting, you can have a server tailor-made to your needs. You can also set up extra software as and when required. As a result, you can attempt advanced levels of coding with the utmost ease.

Ease of Use

Windows-based servers are considered quite simple for enterprise owners with little technical knowledge. Windows VPS comes with a graphic consumer interface and, therefore, is well-suited for beginners. The interface and controls used to manage, submit and alter internet site content material are handy to use and manage.

Why get a Windows VPS by Onlive Server?

If you are looking for Best VPS Hosting then Onlive Server is the best choice. With Cheap Windows VPS, you can host multiple websites on one server and save your money on hosting fees. Also, VPS offers a lot of security features that keep all your information safe from hackers.

Windows VPS is one of the best VPS to choose for the business. You can use it as a private server and run your website or app on it. This will help you save money in hosting costs, increase security, and speed up your site load time because with VPS comes better control over things like memory, disk space, and other resources.


Our Windows VPS are highly scalable and can be configured to fit any need you have. Whether you just want a simple solution for a small business or an enterprise-level windows server that’s powerful enough to run your biggest applications, we have the right package available for you. Onlive Server is the best option for you if you need a reliable VPS server. We offer unlimited bandwidth, free domain name and hosting services, 24/7 technical support, and much more.