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.About Windows VPS Server

A VPS or Virtual Private Server is a web hosting service that gives you your own server to run your applications. Rather than sharing a single machine with lots of other people, you get an entire virtual server to yourself. With more control comes more responsibility, though: if something goes wrong, only you are responsible for fixing it! Fortunately, there are many advantages to hosting your website on a VPS. These advantages include performance, flexibility, and scalability that aren’t possible with shared web hosting servers. The Windows VPS Server packages offered by Onlive Server were designed with these factors in mind and we’re confident that they provide exactly what any self-respecting website owner could want.

By selecting Windows VPS, you get the chance to select an arrangement most suitable for your applications, prerequisites, and development. Power, speed, and reliability are three characteristics hard-wired into Windows VPS hosting. KVM Virtualization software is used on entirely of the VPS nodes. So our clients can drive their windows applications remotely and with confidence. If you distinguish how to use a Windows computer, then using a Windows virtual private server will be the second flora to you. You have the authority of all your applications running 24/7/365, and access them from every place in the world.

Why Choose Windows VPS Server

Our opening scopes of virtual private servers are extraordinarily prominent, generally welcomed, and regard for cash servers. These accompany a dual-core CPU and can be loaded up to 8 GB of memory and two hard discs. You can select the pre-configured specification of your choice and avail a free server setup! You can also select to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually (confirming maximum saving).

We also offer an extensive range of add-on features like hosting control panels, SSL certificates that can be placed upon the servers. We package website panel control panels free of cost along with our Windows servers and a professional version mail server for the comfort of email use. Irrespective of the possibility that you go for only a single machine assembled, with our VPS in the Cloud arrangement. Your Virtual Server is moved to the additional machine in a split second on account of apparatus issues so that your VPS server never goes down and your business continues running without an interruption.

100% Uptime Guarantee with Windows VPS Server

 No matter you are running a small-scale business or a large-scale enterprise, you can never compromise on security and reliability. You need to rely on highly reliable hosting services for both your website and your data.  The following features make us stand apart from other hosting providers: – 100% Uptime Guarantee with VPS Servers: We offer VPS Servers with Windows that ensure complete protection to your website against any type of threats that may cause downtime due to virus attacks and hacking incidents. For fast and secure access to your website content using FTP Client software installed in our servers is available at any time. What Makes Windows VPS Hosting Widespread

The Features of Windows VPS Hosting

When you select a reliable and reputed Windows VPS hosting service, you can like a host of advantages such as free installations and rapid deployment. Other features are:

  • Full core entree to manage the virtual private server
  • You can shut down, boot, reboot the server individualistically
  • Hyper-V technology of Microsoft used for manufacturing a virtualized platform
  • You can get exclusive IP addresses and RAM

You can modify the features to any range needed to match the specific requirements of your business or hosting.

With Windows VPS Hosting services you can:

  1. Boot, reboot, and shut down your server without disturbing the operation of other users on the similar VPS system
  2. Check a check on the rank and disc usage
  3. Get great uptime for business-critical applications
  4. High network connectivity 
  5. Rest certain that there will be no unauthorized access to vital business data
  6. Love high flexibility and scalability
  7. Run your server and wholly related applications in a cost-effective manner and save money

Am I can Buy Windows VPS Server with Free tech support?

The Windows VPS is a virtual server host in a data center with high-end hardware. This means that you can run any operating system within your Virtual Machine, be it Windows or Linux. The only difference is that you cannot reach through to access anything on our host’s machine itself. And yes, we do provide free technical support as we are aware of our responsibility as a hosting provider and strive to provide excellent service 24×7 including holidays.

Most server hosting companies will provide different versions of operating systems when you select Windows VPS hosting. It is vital to note that the Windows server is available in a variety of versions with a number of features. You may want just a handful of them for the smooth management and maintenance of your website and applications. Top service providers will be able to guide you in making the right selection of features and provide a customized VPS hosting plan that integrates the tools and technology that you want while removing the other not-so-useful ones.

Best WordPress Hosting is open-source software that anyone can fully access on your server. A hosting company Onlive Server will set you up with an account and do all of the technical heavy liftings so you can start blogging right away. You will have full control over your new website, with no limits or additional costs. Be Quick!

Although, initiative editions of Windows servers for VPS are also accessible.  Almost all types of initiatives across diverse industry sectors can use Windows VPS hosting. And drive their online business smoothly and successfully. In fact, if you are planning to interchange from shared to VPS hosting. Windows VPS is the perfect selection according to many top server hosting experts. The best part is that all these advantages come with all VPS hosting plans from Windows. Making it one of the most cost-effective ways of hosting your server.