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Every hosting company provides a plethora of hosting offers to its clients depending on their needs. For a person who wants to set up his own blog, shared hosting will be sufficient. Large and some medium-sized businesses may opt for a cheap dedicated server hosting. You might be thinking if it is secure for you. Of course, dedicated servers are more secure than the Windows shared hosting or Linux shared hosting. However, the cost of a dedicated server can be a headache for the company. Therefore, we invite you to try out our cheap dedicated server hosting plans.

Types of Dedicated Servers

There are two kinds of cheap dedicated server that you should know about before purchasing any plan:

1) Managed Dedicated Server

Under the managed dedicated server hosting, the hosting solution provider holds the responsibility of running some services like updating of server, firewall, monitoring, virus scanning and so on. You don’t get full access to all the services regarding the dedicated server. You have to manage your website with the control panel. The management of most of the server-side services is done by the hosting provider.

2) Unmanaged Dedicated Server

In the unmanaged dedicated server, all the services are performed by you. The hosting provider will do nothing except providing you access to the server. For this, your company must have a trained employee to manage everything. It’s crucial to know how to handle server and keep running your business successfully without any interruption from the server-side. Moreover, if you want some customization and change operating system of the server then a cheap dedicated server is perfect.

What is a Storage Dedicated Server?

When you are the owner of an online platform that consumes a large storage space of a server then the website loading speed will be super slow. Your online business deserves a highly secure storage dedicated server that will allow you a large amount of disk space. Storage servers are mainly popular as File servers. It permits the storage of huge amounts of data such as pictures, movies, etc. among the computers connected to the same network. A storage dedicated server is useful when many people need access to a common file.


Why our dedicated server fits your need?


Online Server is playing a pivotal role in the development and growth of businesses around the world with its affordable hosting plans, domain registration, VPS, cloud management and much more. Our clients are spread worldwide and serving in more than 30 countries. Empower your business by allowing us to serve and support you. Your company will experience unprecedented growth by choosing us.

No doubt, you will question us the reasons to choose our cheap dedicated server plans. We know because whoever is running a business, he has to invest money wisely and smartly. Before investing in renting our server, it’s better if you will read the following points. Onlive Server understands how vital it is for the owner to get the right hosting solution.

1) You are not going to share the server resources with anyone else. All our owned resources can be leased only for your business use. In shared hosting, the speed of your site, CPU, RAM, everything is affected by the other websites that have access to your server resources. This will ensure the loading of your site at a high speed.

2) Websites that receive small or medium traffic can choose shared hosting. But, when, your site receives plenty of traffic then the dedicated server is a great option. Do you know one of the benefits of a dedicated server hosting? At a shared hosting server, it is possible that another site is running a corrupted script or maybe, the disk space is being shared by a malicious website. Who knows this? For tight security especially when your transactions are performed on your site, a dedicated server would be great.

3) Gaining access to the server’s resources isn’t enough. According to the need, you might have to customize the server. The plus point is that you have the freedom to select the operating system and software which will match the business requirements with a dedicated server. This lets you add value to the existing business.

4) Get your IP address and that will be a unique one. This is what Onlive Dedicated server offer you. It enhances your website ranks. If you are operating an online business with a large customer base and transacting a large sum of money daily then this is essential to have a unique IP address.

How gaming dedicated server works?

Gaming dedicated servers are a specialized form of servers made for playing multiplayer online games with a high-end experience. This provides an unparalleled experience while running a multiplayer game like Minecraft. The gaming industry has attained the power of modern technology and innovation. All multiplayer game developers choose a gaming dedicated server to let millions of users play a game with a smooth feeling. The game doesn’t lag because it is rare when a quality gaming dedicated server goes down.

Although shared hosting is best to start an online business but if you are capable to afford the cost of our then don’t compromise. Find the need for your company first before taking the right hosting decision. Don’t forget that security is the most important thing for any company.

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