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how to use make-up on cosmetic mannequin head?

Cosmetic mannequin head is a great place to start your make-up artist career. A mannequin allows you to make a lot of mistakes without bothering anyone, start over when the make-up doesn’t look good and experiment with plenty of new styles. Here is a handy guide on how to apply make-up on an esthetician dummy head.


1. Prepare the doll


First things first, use rubbing alcohol to remove all impurities and product leftovers from previous applications. In this way, you ensure the new products stick properly to the mannequin face and look their best. 




2. Choose the type of make-up 


Choose the way application. If you opt for best beauty products, make sure the foundation, blush and eye-shadow are of powder nature. Dip a powder brush in the product and apply gently on the face. For liquid or cream make-up, use a damp make-up sponge to spread the cream-based foundation and blush evenly. Don’t oversaturate the sponge as the cosmetic mannequin head is less absorbent than human face. So using a pinch of product is quiet enough to get the desired result. 




Speaking of differences between mannequin and human model, dummy skin is harder and less flexible than human face. So while you may get used to push hard into the mannequin skin, you should avoid doing it when working with a real person, because it will cause pain and even leave marks. Also, when you work with a mannequin, you may have the freedom to rest your hand in any part of the face knowing that nobody will complain. You are good to avoid making a habit out of this, because when you shift to a real customer, you will have to learn the correct hand positioning so that it wouldn’t be uncomfortable for the person.  




3. Blush 


For cream blush, use a damp sponge or fingertips to apply 3 dots on the cheeks of the cosmetology dummy head. If you choose the powder blush, use a brush and swirl it gently from cheeks up to the temple to get the needed contour and remove excess product. No need to worry about removal, because both powder and cream blush are easy to remove. Just make sure you have a clean washcloth at hand and a decent cleanser to force the product out in no time. If you apply many make-ups during a day, you are good to buy more washclothes so every time you remove the blush, you use a clean cloth.    




4. Eyeliner


For eyelashes, you can use either a marker tip or a liquid eyeliner, though the marker tip is recommended for beginners. Take the liquid liner and draw it along the lash to create a thin and uniform line. If it’s too harsh, use a clean and dry brush to eliminate the excess eyeliner. If all your brushes are saturated with product, you can use your fingertip to give the eyelash the desired appearance. 




5. Lipstick


For lips, you can use a few types of product. If you go with lipstick, use a lip brush and sink it into the tube and apply it onto the lip. For an even application, you are good to start from the center of the lip and work your way towards the lip extremities. If the lipstick looks too heavy, use a tissue or your fingertip to wipe the useless product away. If it is lip gloss to be applied on the cosmetic mannequin head, use the want inside the tube and slightly dip it into the gloss. Keep in mind that mannequin skin is less absorbent, so fully saturating the wand with gloss may lead to excessively bright lips. If you use though pot gloss, dip a brush in it and draw it from the outside of the lip to its inside.     





Practicing on a cosmetic mannequin head is not much different from a human face, yet there are some aspects to be considered. A dummy skin is less absorbent so you need to apply less product than you would on a human skin. You have to treat the mannequin with rubbing alcohol before next application to make its surface free of debris and product residue. While you are free to push and place your hands anywhere on the doll, you are good to follow the proper hand positioning when you work with a mannequin so that when you work with real people, you don’t make them feel uncomfortable.