New resolutions for professional photographers

We know that the good resolutions at the beginning of the year are generally not kept until the end, because very often, we set ourselves unrealistic objectives. If you want to take better quality photos this year, then these good resolutions for professional photographers will surely interest you.

New resolutions for professional photographers

If your goal is to improve the quality of your shots, you need to set realistic goals that are simple to implement but will yield better quality results over time.

Share your photos more often

Another way to progress is to show off your work. It’s good to look back on your work, letting others give their opinion on it – positive or not – especially to help you take into account other points of view, details that you had not noticed and which can mark a 180 degree turn in your projects.

In addition, one of the best proposals for professional photographers among the most interesting is to display more presence on web platforms, thanks to lots of free and open access tools that will allow you to ensure excellent SEO positioning. of your work. You will have more visits and therefore more work too. You don’t need to be an expert in web positioning, you just need to post a photo a day and tag your achievements correctly, with the famous hashtags on social networks, for example.

There’s no point in leaving your photos “hanging around” on your hard drive if no one can discover and admire them. And while we’re talking about it, be sure to make backup copies! Well-protected work is essential. And even if you think a backup is good enough, it’s not true: keep your work in the cloud, in hard drives and other convenient devices for you.

Take photos every day

The more photos you take throughout your career, the better you will know your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can develop the former and erase or correct the latter.

Working with your camera and equipment in general on a daily basis allows you to know in depth what the equipment is capable of and what its limits are. If one of your lenses doesn’t have an aperture larger than f/3.5, then you should know that it’s not recommended for night photography, while wide-angle f/2.4 aperture will be excellent, especially since you will not need to increase the ISO sensitivity. Check more lenses on

Invest in a new lighting accessory

The years pass and your technique improves, it’s normal and suddenly, you do not plan to leave your comfort zone. By acquiring a new lighting accessory, such as an LED torch or color gels, you can make a change in your work. Photography is all about light, at the end of the day, so if you control it, you’ll get more or less good exposures. Hence the importance of being able to count on a new lighting support.

Once you have this new accessory in your hands, it is absolutely necessary that you change your usual parameters, compositions and perspectives: the acquisition of this accessory should allow you to innovate and produce truly different and striking shots.

Strive to be as creative as possible and you’ll see a world of possibilities open up to you. But never innovate on a customer order. Instead, take advantage of the times when you don’t have work to hand in and you’ll see how great ideas will come to mind for a professional photo shoot.

In these good resolutions for professional photographers, we are not strictly limited to lighting accessories, despite the title of this point. You can also innovate on your shots by using any other accessory such as an infrared filter, a new lens with the focal length you thought was not suitable for you, or an amcro conversion lens.