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The Real Advantage of Using Best Cloud VPS – Onlive Server

The Best Cloud VPS has been recently introduced to the online world and managed by Onlive Server. Which is one of the most trusted and reliable web hosting companies in the industry. This product has taken over most online businesses and platforms, including WordPress hosting services. If you are still using traditional VPS and shared […]

cPanel Hosting

Top Best cPanel Hosting Solution Powered by Onlive Server

Regardless of whether you are new to the hosting space, cPanel may not across as an unknowable name. The cPanel Hosting platform provides a graphical interface and necessary tools that will allow the user to run and control their website. cPanel accompanies a large number of tools that improve the whole site management process. These […]

Cheap Windows VPS
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Get Featured Cheap Window VPS Hosting – Onlive Server

What is Cheap Window VPS? VPS is usually configured to run a Windows operating system, but they can also be used as cheap windows VPS. The Windows VPS is divided into three parts: the physical hardware (server hardware), operating system software, and applications running on top of that. One of the benefits of Cheap windows […]