The Best Water Cooler Dispenser for Home In 2022

Water plays an all-encompassing role in our daily lives; without it, life as we know it would not exist. The future has simplified a lot of our lives, so why not look for the same when it comes to our daily hydration needs? Introducing the “Kul”, the best water cooler dispenser for home.

The “Kul” has been created around simplicity. It also gives you the ability to have the perfect temperature-regulated water. Along with sparkling water at the push of a button whenever you might desire it.

The “Kul” water cooler dispenser for home comes with a built-in touchscreen display to give you easy access to all its features. The filter monitoring system gives you an update on when you need to change your filters. It also monitors your CO2 levels for that perfect glass of sparkling water. Making the “Kul” the best water dispenser for your home.

The “Kul” also has parental controls and child safety measures to ensure that all members of the family can access the “Kul” even without supervision. The “Kul” has the easiest installation process compared to the market. The “Kul” has a simple two-step process by which it can either be attached to your existing water supply or be used with a sidekick reservoir.

Filter replacements and C02 replacements are done in seconds with the easy-to-access feature of the “Kul”. Making your hydration experience hassle-free.

The Best Water Cooler Dispenser for Home

Pollution is a real factor that we must all be aware of given the global consensus. The earth needs us to take active steps to limit the amount of plastic in nature. Plastics can take 500 years to degrade on their own. The “Kul” helps reduce your overall carbon footprint by limiting the use of single use plastic bottles. It further has a built-in smart dispensing system to minimize the waste of water disposed of. “Kul” is the critical first step that we must all take in order to leave our children with a healthy, sustainable planet. Our water needs are now met with technology that can help us stay healthier.

Product Specifications: Kul – Drink Differently, The best water cooler dispenser for home.

The “Kul” comes with smart dispensing technology. It has a built-in touch screen display with customizable wallpapers. Installation of the “Kul” is a simple two-step process. It can be connected directly or via a sidekick reservoir. The environmentally friendly quotient of the “Kul” cannot be ignored as it helps the earth go green. It comes with built-in filter monitoring and CO2 monitoring.

The “Kul” has child-safe technology, is compact, and is an ideal fit for your countertop. It also provides instant hot water and instant cold water, along with sparkling water at the push of a button.