Get Reliable WordPress Website Hosting plans by Onlive Server

Onlive Server provides WordPress Website Hosting to deliver websites with unmatched speed, high uptime, and maximum scalability at an affordable package. Avail of the benefits of amazing plans and take control of your website with minimal operational overhead. Whether you have a small business or a big enterprise platform, our website hosting and operations platforms help you achieve results with WordPress.

What is WordPress Website Hosting?

WordPress website hosting is a web hosting tool that comes pre-installed to host WordPress websites efficiently. There is no precise definition of “WordPress hosting”, so the exact product service will vary by host. WordPress hosting is basically used to simplify, secure, scalability, and speed up installation as compared to WordPress install on Linux hosting servers.

Fastest WordPress Website Hosting Platform

The loading speed of any website is always an important matter. According to reports, the loading time of a website increases by two seconds, which will lead to a 30-60% increase in visitor abandonment. With our WordPress website hosting, you’ll experience that your website is usually performing well, which is all because of our super-efficient platform. Various independent hosting companies have compared Onlive Server with other hosting providers, and we consistently come out on top.

Serverless WordPress Web Hosting Infrastructure

With a serverless WordPress Web Hosting infrastructure, we empower marketers and web developers to manage and create high-speed, always-on web page content rapidly. By building a high-end infrastructure on applications, we give your WordPress unlimited scalability and help you provide a high-quality digital experience on any device.

Fully Manage All Your WordPress Websites

Onlive Server is the perfect platform to implement WordPress website hosting on a large scale. Easily manage your website settings from a single dashboard, and easily deploy code to thousands of WordPress websites. Our fully scaling WordPress has the ability to manage multisite environments and gives you full access to the richness of WordPress without causing chaos.

Handle High-Traffic with Ease

With many WordPress hosting providers, you run the risk of downtime during times of high traffic. With Onlive Server, our users can easily scale up to millions of pageviews without compromising on its performance. Plus, the highly infrastructure-based platform makes it far more reliable than VMs or clusters. Hence, we recommend getting WordPress website hosting with confidence.

Build a Website With WordPress Hosting

Most importantly we can say that having a good website is what really matters for any business. That’s how you connect with your customers and leads, create positive first impressions with new users, and drive conversions. The important part of our hosting service is building your own website, it is not a difficult process, at least not with our WordPress Website Hosting.

The easy-to-use CMS offers fully customizable plans for all your needs. Without any technical knowledge, you can start building your website for your business, blog, portfolio, or online store right away.

24×7 Support From Onlive Server

Our support team consists of WordPress development experts who are always ready to help our customers identify deep issues and suggest the best solutions. Since our team knows WordPress as well as they know the Onlive Server, there is no problem between your website and our platform. We will always be ready to help you solve the problem as soon as possible.


Onlive Server provides WordPress website hosting with unmatched speed, uptime, and scalability at reasonable prices. Take advantage of amazing plans and get full control over your website. And, if you are looking to start your own web hosting company, the first choice we suggest is to choose Linux Reseller Hosting.

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Akash Yadav
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