The Ultimate Guide to Cheap Windows VPS Server Hosting

In the present world of information technology, the markets are massively filled with several options for selection when it comes to cheap Windows VPS hosting, but a wise hand-pick of one providing the best performance and dedicated to customer confirmation is very vital.

So, gear up with more computing power and control at your disposal with our cost-efficient and reliable Cheap Windows VPS hosting facility. Yes, you get that right. We, at onlive servers, are dedicated to providing the best Cheap Windows VPS hosting, which acts as a true middle ground between the robust shared servers and the sophisticated high-end dedicated servers. Efficiency and reliability are the crucial factors of any Cheap Windows VPS hosting provider, and this is precisely the reason why the Onlive Server has marked its niche in this arena to provide the best Windows VPS hosting.

cheap windows VPS
cheap windows VPS hosting

Everything is about Cheap Windows VPS hosting?


Windows VPS hosting is a Microsoft Windows as an operating system with virtual private server hosting. Onlive servers use Microsoft Hyper-V technology for Windows VPS. After connecting your VPS via RDP, VPS desktop will appear overlaid to your local system desktop.


Best Windows VPS hosting values.

At par with the performance, security, and customer support, we at onlive server offer best deals and maintain cost-effectiveness with low price points. We believe in touting high- value Ukraine Windows VPS hosting plans at extremely affordable rates starting at just $13 per month.

Software and Hardware compatibility.

Onlive servers provide the Ukraine Windows VPS Hosting, which is compatible with any operating system. Its server characteristics range from Server X Core1 with 1 GB RAM and 30 GB HDD spread over 1000 GB bandwidth and KVM VPS to Server X Core 2 with 2 GB RAM and 60 GB HADD along with 2000 GB bandwidth. Thus, the customers can enjoy full-on reliable, and uninterrupted service in the most demanding scenario.

Instant set-up and unlimited RAM.

The Ukraine Windows VPS server hosting offers unmatchable features in terms of instant set-up, allowing you to deploy the VPS hosting in just a few minutes. It also provides the assured backups of your precious data.  The plentiful RAM enables instant data transfer of any robust application you may be running as Windows VPS is compatible with all the software and programs.

Faster Response Time.

The cheap Ukraine VPS Hosting service provided by the onlive servers ensures faster downtime, thus proving to be time-efficient too. In case of any problems, full customer support is provided to assist you. It’s a part of a more extensive system of working and mechanism.

Main features of Ukraine VPS hosting.

With the great features of the Ukraine VSP hosting plans, you can now be assured of powerful control panel and optimised access to all the server data. You can now forget about all inconsistencies in losing any server data in the database. It allows full utilization of resources on the server without any condition of sharing it with others, thus ensuring security.

Customized hardware and software configurations.

It involves specialized management processes to make sure everything is functioning smoothly without any problems. Onlive server provides Ukraine VPS hosting, which handles time-consuming server maintenance tasks with ease. In addition to this, it facilitates effective server administration, offers free firewalls, control panel, Liquid web’s managed services, and much more. It offers a free Plesk control panel, which is supported by the Windows operating system. The security package includes highly advanced SSL protection along with DDoS security. The full root access and incredible WHM support ensure scalability, uninterrupted performance and stability of the server.

Reduced dependency.

Onlive’s cheap Windows VPS hosting offers independence in terms of web server hosting and allows your online business to scale greater heights with reduced dependency on a dedicated server. With the ease of accessing at the full root level, you can now enjoy and experience ground-level security of your data.

Ukraine  VPS hosting.

The Ukraine VPS hosting is the most reliable and secure hosting provider with its unique features of being compatible with all the trendy software and hardware. It offers a wide range of plans to customers to suitably select their slice, which would best suit their requirements. Here are some of its important features that you would never want to miss relying on.

Ukraine VPS
Ukraine VPS – Onlive Server

Application compatibility.

The onlive server’s Ukraine cheap Windows VPS server hosting offers the basic features as listed below:

  • Remote desktop access
  • Unlimited database
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Enhanced security
  • Guaranteed resources
  • Enterprise hardware
  • Managed Windows VPS
  • Free Website Migration
  • Anytime upgrade
  • Premium Network

Onlive’s Ukraine VPS hosting takes pride in making impeccable repute in providing these features in the digital technology world. It also provides the best solution to those who are worried about the server-maintenance cost of the Windows VPS server. It offers different plans to cater to the different needs of the client. Without any further ado, you can now host your website online and let the onlive server do the heavylifting for you through its Ukraine Windows VPS hosting.


Onlive servers, through Ukraine Windows VPS hosting, is dedicated to translating the word cheap into a superlative quality to meet customer’s satisfaction. And that’s not it all! As your business needs to grow by time, onlive servers also provide Windows VPS hosting, which also grows along with your business. The 24/7 online customer support by Ukraine Windows VPS hosting can efficiently guide you in the selection of the best plan according to your business needs.





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