The manufacture of Mannequin Head

Wearing Mannequin Head correctly can often differentiate products and increase sales. Small stores, accessory stores, and decorators may not want to buy the whole mannequin because they only need to display hats or accessories. In these cases, all that is required is a mannequin head, which can be created using paper pulp and paper cutting. click here Mannequin head
Paper Mannequin Head:Blow up the balloon so that it is roughly the same size as the head of the mannequin, or slightly smaller.Add your base. Fill a tin can with 1/3 of the sand. Use masking tape to hold the balloon in the can from all sides. Smooth masking tape over bumps. The Jar will serve as the neck of your papier-mache head.To make your pulp and burn. Mix 1 part water with 1 part flour. Most pulp recipes recommend mixing 2 parts of water with 1 part of flour. You want your formula to be thicker, but feel free to dilute it with more water to make it easier to use.Tear the newspaper into 2 x 6 inch (5 x 15 cm) strips. Tear off a few large squares and set them aside. Work outdoors or on a rag, then start making mannequins of the head. Dip the newspaper strips into a thick mixture of flour and water. Rub It on your balloon. Use 1 strip at a time, covering the entire head and can. Let the jar and balloon dry completely. Cover with a second layer of newspaper strips dipped in a mixture of flour and water. Let Dry and repeat twice. You should coat your mannequin head with 4 layers of papier-mâché. Let them dry out completely. Stack the larger papers together to form the nose, ears, and any other features you want. Tape them with masking tape. Keep kneading the newspaper into the shape you want. Smooth the VELCRO tape nicely. Use a wooden spoon to gently and thoroughly press down all the edges of the tape. Dip The larger square newspaper into a mixture of flour and water, and smooth 1 layer over the features. Air-dry. Cover your model’s head. There are several options. Spray Your Mannequin head with a thin layer of glue and cover the head with fabric. Cut off the bottom edge of the jar so that it can stand up. Color a mannequin with colored paint. For Light Colors, be sure to make more than one coat. Use spray paint for quick application. For the detailed head of the mannequin, use different colors of paint to draw the features. Take a plain or patterned pair of nylon socks or leggings. Stretch it onto the head of the mannequin and onto the CAN. Tie a knot in the back of the JAR. This is the fastest way to cover the mannequin with a layer of fabric, as it does not require any drying time. Dry and use your model head to display accessories.