Tips for olive fly fishing

A complete guide to olive fly fishing

All fly fishing enthusiasts know that May is the season of fishing. Mayfly, olive, Kenny, and terrestrial animals can all be found in May. Olive fly fishing peaks in May.

There are two types of olives, Lake Olive Cloone and Pond Olive Cloone. Pond Olive Clohan is likely to be found in shallow water, ponds, and tarns. Oliveklion Lake is distributed in larger lakes, reservoirs, and deeper waters.

Because these two fishes are very similar in appearance and living conditions, they are called “olive fish”.

How to identify olive fish

They are usually brown, and mature lymphatic olives are 10-12 mm long and slender. They have heavy fringed tails, which contributes to their amazing speed. Because of their amazing swimming characteristics, they are also known as agile dart players. In addition, olives need to rest after a short swim. Under humid and windy conditions, olives have the highest hatching density. The windy environment helps newly hatched olives to fly faster.

How to fly fish olives

Crosswinds have a more natural effect on the drift of flies. The positions of the two fairies range from 5 feet to 14 feet. After throwing out, let the fruit fly stay for a while and pause for a while to imitate the nymph. If there is any movement, the rope will be taut, and you need to pay extra attention at this time.

After the incubation begins, you may want to consider replacing it with a dry fly. If 30 minutes or more has passed and there is no activity, it is better to move or change places, because trout may ignore the preferred nymph. It is also a good idea to study the growth forms of olives. When trout bulges under the water, try 2 lightweight nymphs.

Seasonal preparation

Olives began to appear in May, and activity increased in early June. In summer, it usually consists of sparse light colors and smaller hatches. Autumn is the last time to toss olives before winter, but they usually end the season with a high profile. If the weather becomes a bit cold in spring, this may affect the hatching of olives, so wait until 2 pm to catch olive flies.

Similarly, in the case of extreme heat, the hatch will also be affected. So, if you plan to go fishing for some olives and enjoy your time fly fishing, it is best to go in the morning or at night!

Olive life cycle

First, the nymph swims to the surface and then emerges through the surface film. When a penguin who has just grown up tries to escape, the female penguin will return to lay eggs. The female fish lays eggs in the female fish and the tiny larvae are released.

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