Importance of Mattress toppers in winters and in COVID times

After spending an entire day working and computing, a nice sleep is what most of us need. But what happens if you lie down on your bed and find crumbles of chips, biscuits, oil stains, or even spilled coke on the bed?

Things are certainly not going to be OK for you or your mattress that is for sure.  However, the reality is that because of the pandemic caused global lockdown children and parents alike are all bound within their own residence, working and studying from their respective rooms.

This is bound to make things a bit messier than before. This is the reason why getting a mattress topper is the perfect solution. While there are many variants of toppers available, opt for something that is both good for the physical well-being of you as well as the kids.

Why Mattress Toppers are important, especially in winter?

Mattress topper should not be confused with a mattress encasement or mattress pad as each of them are a completely separate entity and has specific functions. A Mattress topper is a thinner lightweight mattress placed on the top of the older mattress to provide an extra layer of comfort.

While some may say that it is not an essential necessity, Mattress toppers are actually a very good addition to any beds for a few specific reasons. The reasons are:

Toppers protect the mattress

We all know how much of a hassle it is to clean a mattress. The extra layer of protection provided by a topper protects it against fluid spill, stains and grease spots in addition to stubborn stains in case you have smaller kids or untrained pets at home.

Though most of the toppers are lightweight and washable it is best to choose a memory foam mattress topper rather than other types like the quilted ones or synthetic foam-based toppers.

Best memory foam mattress toppers are the ones that are stain proof and do not allow debris deposits to block the porous structure of the memory foam.

Toppers are great thermal insulators

Toppers are available to suit both the needs of the winter and summer months. During cold winter months, even 1 degree of warmth matters a great deal. Mattress toppers provide a few degrees of extra warmth and comfort as they retain more heat than regular mattresses.

If you have a mattress topper you do not have to worry about coming home to a cold bed ever during the winter months. In fact, for harsh summer months, one can opt for the special cooling gel memory foam mattress toppers to get that few degrees of extra coolness while sleeping. So coming home to a cooler bed is also possible if you have the right topper.

Toppers are available for every bed shape and size

Adding that extra layer of cushioning effect to the mattress is bound to give you a more relaxed and better sleep. Contrary to popular belief memory foam mattress toppers can fit any bed size and design. While the king size memory foam mattress topper is perfect for beds that are larger than normal beds, the queen size memory foam mattress toppers are best suited for beds that are longer than average.

Toppers are excellent pain relievers

Winter months are the perfect time for those body aches and joint pains to creep into our lives. Toppers, especially the memory foam mattress toppers are great for relieving muscle and joint pains. The firm yet comfortable memory foam toppers exert and relieve pressure at the right points thus helping in improving the inflammatory conditions of the muscles and bones.

The Final Word

The above-mentioned pointers are good enough reasons to prove that getting a mattress topper, especially the memory foam variant this winter is certainly going to be a great decision for sure.