5 profitable business ideas with personalized products to start now

The 2020 Pandemic had an impact on several economic sectors and many companies had to reduce spending. If you were one of those affected, being disconnected from your job in that period, calm down. We live in times full of job opportunities, especially with the help of the Internet. This is the case with the sale of personalized products, which make up catalogs of many products or services, such as the main product or gift.

That’s why we brought you 5 profitable business ideas with these types of products, which you can bet on right now and don’t lose out ! But remember: be sure to prioritize online sales and delivery by delivery, which have helped many freelancers to grow and adapt to customer needs, once and for all.

1) Custom T-shirts

The fashion segment always presents good sales, and personalized t-shirts are included in this package. They are often highly sought after by people, as they are an excellent way of expressing style and personality, especially when the print comes in as the protagonist.

For you to be able to attract attention with the sale of these products it is important to pay attention to the trends, as issues, events and rising habits always tend to gather engaged niches.

For example, if you choose to sell pop culture t-shirts, try to be inspired by what is in fashion, such as memes, series and music. On the other hand, if you bet on selling t-shirts about the nerdy world, you can create phrases and prints related to games and movies. Another theme that has been highly sought after by women is feminism, which asks for t-shirts with inspiring phrases from famous authors and personalities in the segment.

Selling personalized t-shirts can be an excellent way to earn money, either in your own clothing line or composing exclusive clothing lines from other brands. In addition, it is a type of product that is easy to advertise on social networks and to sell through networks or e-commerce. But take care in the photos! The quality of the images will tell you a lot about the professionalism and seriousness of your work.

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2) Ready-to-eat food, ready or frozen

According to a study published by the marketing platform Squid, food and beverages were the most sold products in Brazil during the month of May 2020, at the height of the pandemic.

So, how about taking advantage of the rise of this branch? It has several segments, within the food business , which has been a sure success, such as: homemade homemade lunchboxes or fitness, vegetarian dishes, sweets and desserts, which can be ready or frozen.

This is an essential segment for people’s lives, mainly because it conveys the idea of ​​affection, care and protection. An idea that can be very interesting for you to choose the branch, is to offer a personalized gift next to the delicacy, because it is a way to reinforce this attention to the customer, conquer it once and promote your brand.

Here are just a few examples:

  • squeezes : in addition to being super useful, offering these little bottles of water as a gift reinforces the health care of your customers;
  • ecobags : reusable bags are a great alternative to bet on sustainability and offer an extremely functional product, which can serve as a bag to carry supermarket purchases, for example;
  • masks : offering this necessary accessory to everyone, transmits the message of protection and care for the health of your customers;
  • Aprons: for those who sell food that will be prepared at home, how about innovating and offering an apron to customers? This super accessory encourages activity in the kitchen, programming alone or with the family, rescuing the act of cooking as a beloved pastime.

3) Personalized gifts for delivery

Throughout the pandemic, many people stopped having parties and gatherings due to the social distance measures recommended by health authorities. Therefore, a solution found to present loved ones and not let the date go blank is the delivery of personalized gifts.

This is the case with breakfast baskets , typical foods – such as June parties – and drink combos, for example. And to accompany these gifts, you can bet on personalized cups and mugs , which will add value to the baskets and offer a great gift to those who receive them!

4) Leisure at home

Social distancing has brought people closer to their own homes and, consequently, to their families, who have spent more time together and used their free time to watch movies, series, play video games or board games, among other leisure activities. .

With that in mind, you can take the opportunity to sell personalized items related to these activities, such as personalized cups and buckets of popcorn , which are sure to be very present in the routine of many!

If you need a little help to think about what to stamp on these personalized products , remember to bet on the trends of the moment. Movies and series, for example, go well with this type of item and can draw the attention of even those who don’t need a glass or bucket of popcorn at the moment.

5) Physical activities at home

Physical exercises, such as dance, yoga and aerobic training, are very high in this quarantine period. These options have attracted fans to practice these activities at home, since the gyms and other sports centers are closed or operating in a restricted way.

To encourage physical activities, a great idea is to sell products that are available to practitioners, such as squeezes! They are often used to drink water and are essential in the routine of those who do not want to stand still. You can offer your customers different types of squeezes, such as plastic, silicone, aluminum or stainless steel, expanding the choice (and sales) possibilities.


Now that you’ve seen 5 profitable business ideas with personalized products, get to work! Choose to sell something that makes sense to you, that is viable or that you have contacts that can already help you in this endeavor.

But first, don’t forget to research your audience, check out the competition, and study the market in which to choose to venture. It is ideal to start prepared for the challenges ahead and ready to receive the demand you can create. To do this, look for a reliable supplier to offer high quality items, which will not miss anything in your stock, practice the flexibility of terms, differentiated prices and favorable options, such as free or reduced shipping. Be demanding and make a difference in the market. Soon your brand will be in demand, because good products or services, accompanied by good service, make you loyal.